PPC for Lawyers

We help lawyers acquire high-quality sales leads by gaining premium spots in Google search results.


What You Can Expect From Us

See a 2x return on your investment

According to Google, for every dollar invested, most businesses see 2$ back.

This is the best digital advertising channel for law firms.

Content Marketing

Position you as the industry leader by creating and publishing content that your prospects find valuable.

Dominate local markets

72% of users who searched locally are likely to contact a law firm within 5 miles.

Want to gain a significant edge over competitors in your practice area? PPC is the way.

Maximize ROI with bidding strategies

Most law firms lose money when they run PPC. It’s because they end up paying for a click which oftentimes does not lead to a phone call booked or contact form filled.

Our Google Ads experts will only have you paying for every new sales lead.

Our Approach to Law Firm PPC

Custom campaigns that yield results

Laying the foundation is the We create custom campaigns that are tailored for your law firm’s goals.

No matter the size of the campaign or the budget, our team of law firm PPC experts will constantly research, experiment and optimize your campaigns to reduce ad costs and deliver the best possible results.

Skyrocket conversions through custom landing pages

Our team of law firm PPC experts design beautiful, custom optimized landing pages with one purpose in mind; conversions.

Gone are the days when you waste your precious ad dollars by sending traffic to your service page.

Improve conversions by 26% using landing pages.

Simple, transparent pricing

At Valeo Legal Marketing, we like to keep things simple and transparent.

We only charge a management fee which is discussed upfront and no BS hidden charges.

This way we keep the pricing fair and allow you to scale your campaigns without friction.

You own everything.

Be it your Ad account, landing pages or analytics, you own them all.

We believe in empowering our clients, not holding them hostage to our services.

Performance reports that matter.

We remove the fluff and only focus on metrics that matter.

Gain weekly performance reports to track and boost your campaigns.

Law Firm Marketing Agency

Dedicated PPC expert

To see success from a PPC campaign, it needs constant attention and tweaking to mitigate mistakes and capitalize on success.

To do this, you need a dedicated PPC expert who doesn’t wear many hats and solely focuses on your campaign.

Customized PPC strategies

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ strategy when it comes to law firm PPC. A good agency knows this and will not waste your time with generic campaigns.

They will analyse your current campaigns, assess your landing pages, analyze competition and devise a custom PPC strategy for your law firm.

SEO Results Monitoring scaled
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Transparency & Accountability

There are numerous horror stories of law firms spending thousands of dollars a month to only get a complicated 10-page report with no solid results to show.

 A PPC agency should have proactive communication, include you every step of the way and provide extensive reports on your campaigns progress.

Law Firm PPC Services We Offer

Keyword Research & Strategy

PPC Management

Landing Page Conversion


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