Kaushik used to work in a medium-sized firm (20 attorneys) and realized that there was a huge disconnect between the BD team and the lawyers and partners in the firm.

He was in charge of SEO and Content Marketing but as a medium-sized firm, they didn’t have a team of legal writers. The content was either written by the partners or the lawyers of the firm, and they were VERY busy.

Every piece of content (not weekly legal updates) would take between 3-5 weeks to put out with constant reminders from the BD team every few days. Even when the content was done it had too much “Legal Lingo” and the BD team had to tone it down so that the firm’s target audience could understand what they were saying.

Also, the content that was published didn’t go over the client’s key pain points and didn’t really offer a solution and most of the content went un-read.

Hence, we decided to speak to a lot of small and medium-sized law firms in Asia, Australia, and the United States and realized that this was a common problem among all of them.

So, that’s our “WHY” for starting Valeo Legal Marketing. 

To make sure that the small and medium-sized law firms without thousands of dollars in advertising every month or an entire BD team can build their brand, hire talent and market their services at an affordable rate.

What You Can Expect From Us

 Transparency & Accountability

There are thousands of SEO agencies, “SEO experts” and most offer you zero accountability. 

They send you a monthly report with a bunch of technical jargon and you have no idea what they mean or what they do and it has you thinking, “ What exactly am i paying them a monthly retainer for”

We won’t be sending you a complex report. 

We’ll be sending you a simple report of what your firm actually needs and avoid all the unnecessary technical jargon.

Together we’ll go over what the report means, how it affects your weekly inquiries and translate it into simple terms that will be easy to understand over a quick phone call.

2. Open, Fast & Honest Communication

You serve multiple clients and they expect updates from you often. If they have to keep chasing you for updates, they won’t be your client for long.

You’ll never have to chase us.

Our Inbox, Linkedin and Whatsapp are always open.

Let’s be real, we’re millennials and we’re always on your phones…

Some agencies might not tell you what you might not want to hear. 

We’re not like those.

If your website is full of broken links, bad content and useless plugins, Trust me, we will let you know.

Truth may hurt, but it is necessary to determine how much work is needed to set realistic goals.

3. Realistic Goal Setting

We will never promise you the #1 search result on Google for your industry.

What we can promise you is to do our very best to give your website the best chance that it possibly has at ranking well on Google.

If your firm’s website is currently on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google Search results for your industry, here is the real answer, IT WILL TAKE MONTHS to get to the first page.

SEO takes time, and we ask you to be patient.

Meet Our Partners

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