Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The most effective way to bring qualified prospects to your website

Why Is Law Firm SEO Important?

Organic traffic is the #1 source of traffic for law firms

77% of people who need legal services search it up on Google.

If your number 1 source of traffic is people searching up services, your SEO needs to be on point.

User experience & SEO go hand-in-hand

The Google algorithm is smart.

It can recognise if people visiting your website have a pleasant experience or not.

If your website isn’t easy to understand, navigate, and looks like a yellow pages book, you’re going to get penalised by Google.

So, ensure that your users have a pleasant experience.

SEO helps build trust

People are a bit wary when hiring legal services and the trust has to be earned.

However, people trust Google.

A recent study by SearchEngineJournal found that 66% of people trust Google search results.

If you rank higher on Google, your firm will build trust and credibility with potential clients.

How We Do SEO For Law Firms

Firm’s Website & SEO Audit

An audit for your website is like a health check-up. It’s to make sure that everything’s nice and healthy.

In this audit, we’ll be going over the technical, on and off-page elements regarding your website

Is an audit necessary?


If your website isn’t optimised, your SEO efforts WILL go wasted.

It’s like pouring water into a container with a huge hole at the bottom.

Note: We will not recommend our SEO services if such a mistake is not fixed.

On-site SEO that will help your firm rank higher 

We’ll be going over all the major and minor tweaks to your website starting from optimizing your content, improving website speed, changing content structure for a better user experience, and more.

Enhance your local SEO

Our goal is to make sure that your Google and business directories are optimized and you are easy to find and contact.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most effective way to improve your firm’s SEO.

It builds authority, builds your credibility and induces trust in your potential clients.

We know that you don’t have the time to create the content yourself.

That’s why our team of legal writers will help you do so.

We’ll be having two, 1-hour strategy sessions per month to go over various trends and topics in your industry and we’ll  produce 1-2 high quality, 1500 word SEO optimized articles per month.

Measuring & Reporting

If you don’t track your work, you wont know your progress.

We’ll be sending you an easy to understand report that WON’T have any vanity metrics.

It’ll go over our current progress and focus on areas to improve.


 How long will it take for my law firm to see results from SEO?

SEO is a long term strategy. If you’re just starting out it’ll take between 8-12 months to see effective results. The 5-6 month mark is the sweet spot to see significant improvement in results (Website traffic, leads generated and rankings)

What does the SEO timeline look like?

Month 1: Website audit, keyword research, planning & strategy. Technical changes to the website begin in Month 1 as well.
This is a consistent process that has to be month-after-month.
Month 2: Content creation, work on Google My Business (GMB) listing and work on enhancing local SEO by working with various business directories.
You’ll start to notice increase in website traffic
Month 3: Repeat month 1, 2 process
See further improvements in rankings, traffic and leads generated.
Month 4: Use social media as a source of traffic to generate more traffic
Month 5 & beyond: Your competitors will start noticing your growth and will also work actively to improve them. Every month is a continuous process to maintain and improve SEO.

Are SEO results guaranteed?

Absolutely not! If any marketing agency promises guaranteed results, run. All we can promise you is that we have a team of high qualified SEO and Content Marketing experts who will do their very best to improve your website ranking and bring you qualified leads.

Can SEO benefit B2B law firms?

Absolutely! We understand that marketing a B2C & a B2B law firm is different. Your clients are usually other businesses and law firms, but they’re also going to look up your firm on Google before contacting you and working with you.

Do I get a say before you publish content on the website?

Yes, absolutely. When producing content, we will have a strategy session to go over trends and topic ideas.  Upon completion, we will bring you the finished article and see if you would like to add/change certain details and once we have your approval, we will upload it. A similar process will follow for changing other website content (Homepage, Practice pages etc.)

Can I add/write my own articles?

Yes, we often encourage our clients to do so and in some cases, there are answers only you can provide us about your firm.

Can I do this SEO stuff by myself?

Let me paint you a picture. If you wanted some interior work done for your house, would you call an interior designer or do it yourself? Would you rather have an expert or learn everything and do it yourself? I mean sure, it’ll save you money, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time elsewhere? Yes, you can do SEO yourself, but it’ll take you 2-3 years to learn everything and implement it yourself.

You’re just one call away from changing your firm