Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the new word of mouth.

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Why Content Marketing?

Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader:

Publishing high-quality content establishes yourself as a leader in your industry, which builds trust. 

People looking up to a leader, and this newfound authority will bring you new clients and impress existing clients and colleagues.

Higher Quality Leads

If your content addresses who you are, how you can help prospects by addressing pain points and offering solutions, and how you’ve helped people similar to them in the past before they even contact you, you’ll DEFINITELY have higher quality leads.

Did you Know?

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.
  • Law firms that blog see a 82% ROI from their inbound marketing
  • 97% of Law Firms Lack Personalised Content on Their Website
  • Content marketing for law firms brings in an extra 55% website visitors

How We Do Content Marketing

Initial Discovery Call

One-on-One Consultation

In this consultation, we’ll be going over your business goals and what you wish to achieve out of content marketing, your customer demographic, a website audit to see if it’s optimized for prospects and how to “capture” the people visiting your website.

Content Strategy

Understanding your target audience will give an understanding of what type of content they need. 

We’ll be creating an in-depth content strategy to produce high quality which will go over client pain points and offer tips & solutions.

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Content Creation

You don’t have time to create the content yourself.

That’s why we have a team of legal writers at our disposal.

They will have two, 1-hour strategy calls per month to go over various topics and trends happening in your industry.

After which, they will write a 1000-1500 word article and send it to you for final review.

Once you’re satisfied with the quality of the article, we will publish it. 

Analysis & Future Steps

We will work diligently every month to earn your trust and accomplish results.

We will also send you a simple, yet effective report analyzing our content strategy so far and discussing future steps for further success.

Law Firm SEO Red Flags

Content Marketing FAQ

Depending on your goals and the content you create, it can boost your firm’s brand in several ways

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase client loyalty
  3. Generate website traffic and drive sales

Yes it can, if done properly. If you’re currently writing 90 page case studies, stop doing that.

2-3 high quality 1500 word articles per month is ideal. Consistency is the main factor here. You cannot publish 4 articles in month 1 and zero in the next. That’s not how content marketing works. Start with one article per month and do it consistently, then bump it up to 2-3/month. Note: legal updates do not count as articles.

How can I measure ROI on content marketing? Your ROI is based on your goals. Want to increase brand awareness? Track website traffic, bounce rates and social media shares. If you want to generate leads, track the number of leads, the conversion rates.

Short term? Not a lot. You’re likely to see increased website traffic and inquiries, but the real results are longer term. Content marketing is a long-term asset. It’s a tool that you’ll be using long term to build loyalty, generate leads and drive sales into the future.



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What to expect from your free strategy session:

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  • This is a no strings attached free strategy session to discuss your goals, audience, timeline and budget.
  • Recommend custom solutions that match your business goals.
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