How to Create Lead Generation Facebook Ads For Your Law Firm

In this week’s quick tip Kaushik talks about the basics of creating ads using Facebook. In this accompanying article I want to go into a bit more depth on some of the points that he mentioned. If you prefer a visual format, feel free to check out the video above.

A boosted post on Facebook.

Facebook offers two kinds of ads, ads through ad manager and boosted posts. Boosted posts are Facebook ads, but they offer much less flexibility and fewer choices. They are made to be simple and easily accessible. However, the true power of Facebook ads comes from the ad manager.

Facebook Ad Manger, on the other hand, offers a far larger suite of advertising options. While it does seem to be a lot more complicated initially, it’s not as bad as it may seem at first glance! Here is where you can really target the audience that you want to see the add and it’s also a great place to optimise ads to save some money.

Once you click ‘create ad’ you will be met with a list of outcomes. From here, you have to choose your goals. This will impact how the ad runs and also how the results (and the success) of the ads are measured. If you are looking to get more Facebook likes, use ‘promote your page’. For likes and engagement on a single post, ‘boost a post’.

Most importantly for law firms, however, is get more calls, get more leads, and get more website visitors (if you have an effective way to convert leads). Since you are nearly always looking for a return on ads, we want to use the most optimised process to get new customers.

For this example, I selected ‘lead generation’ as the goal. Lead generation allows you to create a small form that can be used to collect information from users. For a law firm, this is a very powerful tool as you can quickly find new leads and discover new audiences.

In the first section (shown above) you can choose what information that you want to obtain from your targeted audience. You can also give viewers a short question. This makes the lead generation ad not only a great way for law firms to find customers, but also to judge interest in a service or location.

Next, you will see the basic ad creative choices. At the top left (labelled ‘ad basics’) you can configure the description, headline, button label, and image of the ad. Once you make any changes, you can see them changing live on the right-hand side under the ‘preview’ tab. This allows you to quickly see how the ad visually changes.

Once you have selected the creative choices above, you can move down to the audience and budgeting tabs. The audience tab is the most important tab in all of Facebook Ads Manager, but it’s also the most complicated. Since you won’t have any saved audience, click on ‘create new’ under the audience tab.

The above picture shows the options that you have to target your ads. Firstly, make sure to create a name for your audience so that you can save it and easily use it again in the future if needed. Underneath that, you can choose general traits of the users that you want to target – what gender are they and what is their age range?

Next up you can choose location. The location can either be broad (such as Australia), more narrow (such as Melbourne) or very narrow (such as a specific suburb). Generally it’s better to start a bit more broad and to niche down once you have identified a highly converting audience.

Finally, the most complicated part of Facebook ad audiences for lawyers is the ‘detailed targeting’ section. In this section you can choose specific interests of users, highly targeted demographics, and more. You might to think about who to target for a while and to do some split tests (more on this soon!) to discover which audience and interests works best for you.

lastly is the budgeting section. In this section, you can choose how long you want the ad to run for and how much you want to pay for the ad. On the right hand side, you can see the estimated daily results. These will vary greatly depending on your niche, the audience you selected, and the total budget.

Once you have added a payment method (under ‘add payment method at the bottom’) you are free to click ‘promote now’! This will bring up a final prompt screen and you can choose to start to ad.

You’ve now created your first Facebook ad for your law firm! Well done! There is much more to ads to make them as effective as possible, but this is a great start. In future articles we will be covering how to split test ads (to find what ads get the best results), and how to determine whether an ad is successful or not.

Have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time! Either by the contact form on this site, or by commenting on this post.

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