How To Write The Perfect Practice Page For Your Law Firm

Law Firm Practice Page

The Practice page is the best page to showcase your expertise in your field. It needs to be attention-grabbing, focused on your clients, informative, and persuasive at the same time and if it’s not optimized, it’s a waste of your precious ad dollars.

I used to work in a law firm and my job was to research hundreds of other law firm websites and write a copy for my firm’s new website.

Here’s what i noticed:

Over 90% of them never spoke about the client.

It was all Me, Me, Me.

The awards they achieved, how big their firm is and on which paper their articles were published.

Those are all necessary and play a part in the persuasive process, but have no benefit to your clients.

So, In this article I’ll show you the right way to write a convincing Practices page to actually generate results.

Let’s get started.

1. Understanding Your Audience

You can’t write a good Practice page if you don’t know who you’re writing it for. The firm I used to work for didn’t know either.

They were an IP firm and their Practice page was targeted at individual applicants. Upon further research, their actual clients were other international law firms.

How is this relevant?

Well, the content differs.

The level of sophistication and depth of the content needed for law firms and individual applicants are different.

Applicants needed to be educated. Law firms didn’t.

Once we realized this mistake, the copy was changed and within 2 weeks there was a sharp increase in traffic.

Figure out who you’re ACTUALLY writing the content for.

2. Determining The Right Length

Once you understand your target audience, it’s time to start the copy for the page.

How long should it be?

As long as it needs to be.

It all comes down to personal preference and skill.

If you can be convincing in 2-3 paragraphs, absolutely go for it! For the rest of us, I’d recommend a long form copy.

I would recommend 4-5 main sections.

The following is one of Finnegan’s Practice pages:

Finnegan Practice Page

I want to point out that this is not a good Practice page. The page is all Me, Me, Me, but they did get their sections right.

Avoid long, boring paragraphs which the users put zero effort in to read.

If you look at this article, they’re max 1-2 sentences long and make it way easier to read. 

Keep it short and simple.

3. Using The Right Language

If i had to summarize on how to be more convincing in 4 words, it would be “use the right language”

Your prospects want to know that you understand them. This all comes down to your branding, but here are some of the following techniques that you could use:

  • Addressing the clients directly. If this fits with your branding, use “You”
  • Making them feel like they’re part of your family. Use “we”. This is great for Injury, Family attorneys.
  • Show that you empathize
  • Tell a story

4. Nailing Headlines and Subheadings

If you figured out #3, this one should be easy.

I understand that law firms are old school and stick to the traditional methods, but this is where you can really nail your branding.

If you’re an attorney and started your own practice and you have a great sense of humour, showcase it here.

Traditional law firms stick to the “Overview”, “Expertise”, “Insights”, and “Professionals” sections.

This is Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Practice page. They may be one of the top law firms in the world, but I can bet that they’re not generating leads through their online marketing efforts.

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Practice Page

Play around with your Headings and Subheadings, showcase YOU through your content and copy.

5. Describing Your Service

Now, it’s time to go in detail about the service and how you can actually help the client.

Let’s say you’re a litigation attorney, it’s perfectly ok to talk about all the awards you received. Actually, you must definitely talk about them! But that is not the key convincing factor.

You have to reiterate the CORE problems your clients face.

The following could be some of the questions you answer:

  • What are some common problems in your industry?
  • What are some unique problems that your clients face?
  • How are you handling these unique problems?

The following was the work I did for my previous law firm. Instead of talking about us, we spoke about problems and changes occurring in the industry and how we’re actively changing our principles to better help our clients.

Good Practice Page Example

The more descriptive and unique you get, the more convincing you’ll be. By writing detailed descriptions, you’ll not only have an easier time getting your lead to contact you through the contact form, but will also get some SEO ranking benefits in the process.

6. Make Them Trust You

This is where you do what 90% of law firms are doing. Showcase all your awards, cases, testimonials and clients here.

This is not the time to be humble. It’s OK to boast.

You could showcase your achievements in the following manner:

Showcasing Achievements
Showcasing Testimonials

Kaushik’s Final Thoughts

The secret to nailing your Practice pages is to stay true to yourself. Don’t try to do something just because the bigger guys are doing it. 

If you’re a medium-big size law firm, stick to your branding. For lawyers and attorneys who started their own practice, use your personality and showcase how you can help and solve your clients problem.

That’s it folks!

I would absolutely love to hear your opinion on my article and feel free to reach out to me via Linkedin

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