An Introduction To Backlinks For Law Firms

Backlinks are links from one website to another. If someone mentions your law firm’s website in their blog, youtube channel or website, you have a backlink from them and vice versa.

In this article, I’ll go over:

  • Why are backlinks important for law firms
  • What makes a good backlink
  • How to check for backlinks
  • How to get more backlinks

Why Are Backlinks Important For Law Firms?

Backlinks help with 3 main things:

1. Rankings

Google sees backlinks as a vote of confidence. Generally speaking, the more links you have to your website, the more likely you are to rank for your search keyword.

2. Discoverability

Search engines find new content by revisiting pages they already know about to check for new links.

Search engines revisit “popular” pages more often than unpopular ones, they may discover your content faster if you get backlinks from popular pages.

Popular pages = pages with higher traffic in your industry, more backlinks. Basically, higher position on searches.

3. Referral Traffic

The only reason why backlinks exist is to point people to useful resources. When someone clicks on a link to your website, you get referral traffic.

What Makes A Good Backlink?

Not all backlinks are equal!

When law firms hire SEO agencies and pay for backlinks, they purchase cheap backlinks which wrecks your websites Domain Authority with a machete.

Here are some attributes that contribute to a backlinks quality:


Google places value on backlinks which are relevant because they are likely to be clicked.

No shit right?

What does this mean in real terms?

Let’s say your law firm has backlinks from two pages, one from a blog relevant to your practice page and the other link is when you were mentioned in a B-tier news website, the former is more valuable.

Same goes for domains.

E.g: a backlink from is more valuable than a link from Channel 5


Backlinks from strong pages usually transfer more “authority” than from weak ones. 

However, backlinks from stronger pages dont always transfer more authority.

Let me explain.

Consider 2 pages. 

Both have equal authority and considered “strong” 

Page 1 has 5 links to your website and page 2 has 1 link

Page 2 will transfer more authority in this case.


Backlinks from high traffic pages will send you more referral traffic than lower traffic pages.

Once again, no shit.

But the question to address here is whether traffic from high ranking pages affect rankings more positively than low ranking pages.

A research was done by Ahref’s and this is what they found:

There’s a small but clear correlation between rankings and backlinks from pages with organic search traffic. However, the sheer number of backlinks from unique websites (referring domains) and page-level authority look to be more important.”


People are more likely to click links which are prominently placed.

Avoid paying for backlinks which will be placed in the footer of some random page.

Ensure that it’s always in the “core” content.

How To Check For Backlinks

The easiest and the fastest way to check for backlinks is to go to your site’s Google Search Console

Note: You will need admin access to your Google Search Console. Please contact your IT dept for access.

The following are stuff that you’ll see on the Google Search Console.

Overview of Google Search Console

Click on “Links” to find out backlinks to your site and each page.

How To Find Backlinks In Google Search Console

This shows all links to your website and you can navigate and look up data for each individual page.

Now to answer the most important question..

How To Get More Backlinks

There are 3 possible ways to get backlinks for your law firm’s website: earn them, create them or build them.

Earning Backlinks

These are links where people find your content organically through Google searches, social media and word of mouth and link your page/content as they found it valuable.

These are completely organic and the only way to “earn” backlinks is by publishing high quality valuable content.

Creating Backlinks

These are links that you manually add to other websites.

E.g: Avvo, Yelp, Google My Business etc.

You can create more backlinks by leaving blog comments and replying to forum threads.

The above two methods are kinda meh as you have less control and can’t actively participate in generating more backlinks.

Building Backlinks

This is when you reach out to other site owners, editors to link them to your website.

Here’s something you can do “actively” to generate more backlinks for your law firms website:

  • Guest Blogging: Offer to write a piece of content for a blog related to your industry and tell them to link to your site.
  • Fix dead links: Find dead links on sites you were mentioned and reach out to them to fix it. Use Ahref’s Broken Link Checker to find out about dead links.
  • The One-Up technique: One-up your competition by creating better content then the one present on all blogs and websites and reach out to those websites and ask them to link your website

Kaushik’s Final Thoughts

Backlinking is important when it comes to search engines, but not all backlinks are equal.

Relevancy, placement are some key factors to determine the quality of the backlink.


That’s it folks!

I would absolutely love to hear your opinion on my article and feel free to reach out to me via Linkedin or via email

In the meantime, why not read more? We have covered many different topics which can be found on our blog.

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